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Why Do I Wear Makeup?

In the past couple of weeks, I've read a few bits here and there about how wearing makeup is somehow negative and anyone who does it is much too vain and such. Of course, that's not new news to anyone who is a beauty lover and has probably dealt with that reaction in one way or another at some point in their lives. Here's my response to all those makeup haters...

I don't think wearing makeup is any different than anything else people do to alter or enhance their appearance. Tanning, choosing to dress a certain way, how you wear your hair, what shoes you pair with a certain outfit, accessorizing, teeth whitening...all these are things we do do present ourselves a certain way. Even working out - many say they do it for fitness, but I doubt they didn't have at least one second where they thought, oh I look good! 

I've had friends and other acquaintances who claimed they didn't give a rat's ass about their appearance, yet still chose to put gel in their hair to get that style just right or would only shop at certain clothing stores because they didn't like what other ones offered. Yet they would tell me that I shouldn't wear makeup because it's not natural and who cares anyway, oh and then continue to tell me if I was confident with who I was I wouldn't wear makeup at all.

Because not wearing makeup is the only measure of confidence. Um. Yeah.


To them I say, this is me!! Here I am today, as I write this in my PFR (pink fuzzy robe) makeup, no lip balm, haven't washed my face yet...selfies with bad lighting and all. And guess what you-who-have-slighted-me-in-the-past??? This is now forever on my blog - in public!!!  

There is a but. Unless I was running quick errands, going for an urban hike (you know, surrounded by trees on a gravel-paved trail) or perhaps on a road trip where I was going to be in the car for 15 hours...well I definitely would not leave the house without something to even out my skin tone a little, powder, some kind of lip product and blush. There are several reasons for this, and for wearing makeup in general:

1. I LIKE putting makeup on! Whether I apply a little or a lot, and even on my laziest of days and no matter the size of my stash, the simple act of applying blush or lipstick makes me feel girly and pretty and I smile inside :-)  

2. The packaging. Oh, the gorgeous packaging. Some of it is like a work of art. Some of it is sexy. Some of it is sleek and sophisticated. Some of it is all of the above. The glass containers. The heavy and substantial feel. Sigh. 

3. Whether we like it or not, want to admit it or not, we live in a world where perception, first impressions and quick judgements precede us even before we've uttered a single word. We aren't in prehistoric cave man days anymore. Think about a job interview - are you going to wear ripped up jeans and a t-shirt and tangles in your hair? Probably not. Going on a date - are you going to wear the same shirt you've worn for the past 2 days and some jogging shorts and not brush your teeth? Probably not.

Think what you will about my bitchy resting face, but at least I'll look put together and well groomed while you are telling me I should smile more LOL! Wearing makeup helps me feel as though I'm looking my best...but even if I didn't wear makeup, I'd still try to look put together with my fashion and non-makeup grooming choices. I've always worked in some sort of customer service related job, and I can tell you first hand that people react to me differently when I take the time to look my best (or not my best but look like I've put somewhat of an effort into it) vs. when I don't. 

4. Makeup can hide all manner of ills. Do I look like I haven't slept for a week? There's a concealer stick-highlighter-thingy for that! Is my skin looking a little dull? There's a highlighter and illuminator for that! Am I looking a bit pale and sallow? There's a bronzer and fantastic lippie for that! 

5. There have been times in my life where I was very unhappy with my skin and had a ton of breakouts and irritation and post-acne marks galore. At times it was so bad I was a little embarrassed about going anywhere and people seeing me like that, thinking all they would see are the big patches of active and healing acne on my cheeks and chin. It's even been so bad that no concealer anywhere would cover it, and I had to instead put a glob of spot treatment and Aquaphor on top because that was really my only choice to help speed the healing. 

What did I do? Instead I focused on trying to detract from the spots. There were certain colors of lip color I stayed away from because I felt they blended with the spots too much and enhanced them, so I chose other colors instead. I experimented with bronzers and highlighters to enhance my complexion in other ways. I also focused a bit more on fashion, a cute scarf or shoes takes attention elsewhere right?!! Point is, makeup helped!! Smoke and mirrors, people ha ha :-)  

And really...this illustration says it all!! I think I did a screenshot of this off Twitter, but can't seem to find the original source. But here is a link to Alexandra Dal's site:

Is makeup a must have? No. Does everyone need to wear makeup? No. Makeup is, however, something I choose to spend some time on because it's something I very much enjoy!! 

And c'mon...would you rather see me like this...

Gratuitous wedding pic because it was one of my BEST MAKEUP DAYS EVER!!!!! 

Gratuitous wedding pic because it was one of my BEST MAKEUP DAYS EVER!!!!! 

...or like THIS??? LOL! 


I've I'm gonna turn the tables and ask you, why do you wear makeup???


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