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Link Love: April 2014

Here are 10 of my favorite bits and pieces from the month of April!! If you missed last month's Link Love, you can catch it HERE :-)  

***EDITED: Ack forgot another blog post, so I added #11 at the bottom :-)

 1. Beauty Is Boring - new blog find from a post I read, but cannot remember which post (sorry)! The whole site is filled with gorgeous photography, and a little something different in this great sea of beauty. 

 2. Tips for Shopping Overseas, from Shani @ She Dreams in Perfect French

 3. Yet another powder added to the Wish List via Makeup Remastered, see her review of the Surratt Diaphane Loose Powder Compact in Eclatant

 4. Elie Saab is one of those if-I-ever-become-a-trust-fund-baby designers that I'd fall over myself to wear. I can drool even more now that I've discovered the Elie Saab online magazine called The Light Of Now. Here's a preview...

 5. This quote, from Tom Ford... "Never be uncomfortable in your clothes, as that's what you'll project."


 6. This tweet from Belly @ Wondegondigo...helps if you write your answers down LOLOLOL!


 7. A DIY brush holder I found on Pinterest, HERE, pinned from the site


 8. This tweet from Honest Toddler...


 9. Blog post: An Introduction to Simple Living, from the blog Into Mind. With all my beauty frustrations lately, this was a very timely article :-)

10. Website and app called Medium. With my attention span for reading currently very short because of all of my wandering beauty thoughts, I've found this site (& app) to be a great solution to reading things non-beauty related. To see some of the articles I've really enjoyed and that made me think, click HERE

11. For anyone who is a blogger, the post Why Do We Blog?, By Jennypurr

What bits and pieces did you love from April?


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