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No Makeup Makeup Combo

Even though I love makeup and trying and testing things out, quite a few days are spent wearing super minimal makeup. Ok, maybe lots of days? LOL anyway, in celebration of my minimalist ways, I thought I'd start a new series to show whatever updated No Makeup Makeup Combo I've been wearing lately. Here's the first round!

EDIT: Totally forgot I did a Basic Face post (HERE) back in December!! But that was more to show the minimum I'd wear to work or a lunch date or whatnot - you know for times I want/need to look put together but don't want a full face. This post is for when I'm home and need to quickly run out the door, but don't want to go bare faced :-)  Is that confusing??? Ok, it's just another excuse to show pretty product and talk about makeup - because that's what we love to do right - and to give a little mini review on the HG Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light LOL! 

***Each item either purchased by me or was a gift.***

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in 2.5 Warm Sand 

Even with minimal makeup I still like my skin to be somewhat even, especially my cheeks. This is the old foundation stick, not the newly reformulated version that is meant to be closer to Skin Foundation. I won't be purchasing the new version because of ingredients. But when I'm super duper close to finishing this up, I'm going to start looking at other foundation sticks to try. Any recommendations? I've gone back to this lately vs. wearing regular foundation because it's so quick and easy to apply and blend out. Plus I'm really trying to finish this off before the end of the year!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light

Ummm...remember my review of the HG powders (review HERE)??? I didn't like the 2 colors I tried at all and didn't get what everyone else saw in them. Plus I thought they felt dry. Then over the course of last year I kept reading more and more positive blog and YouTube reviews so I thought I'd try them again. I tried 2 different ones and still didn't' like them...didn't seem to make a difference and they also felt drying. You'd think I'd leave them alone, right???? LOL no. I tried again. And guess what!!! I'm totally loving Luminous Light!!! 5th time a charm!! Not drying at all, and gives me such a beautiful and luminous finish that I can make really subtle or build it up a bit if I'm feeling more jazzy ha ha! 

This does add very subtle color, but if you are on the darker end of the light to medium skin tone range or darker I don't think you would notice so much?? I have to be careful not to add too much or it does change my foundation color a bit. But the faintest application makes me feel like I have the, ahem, luminous life back that this crazy Winter has taken away. And because it adds a touch of color I've taken to lightly building it up on my cheeks for a natural looking, albeit more glowy,  flush of color rather than adding an additional step of proper blush. 

That probably sounds weird because one of the things I didn't like with the 2 initial HG powders I tried - Dim and Mood - was that I found them both too dark. One I could almost use as a blush, and the other made me look like I had the wrong shade of bronzer on or had taken to fake tanning.  For some reason though, Luminous Light is much, much more complimentary to my skin tone so it not only works, but makes me feel really good when wearing it! I even love wearing it on bare skin :-)

Guerlain Pressed Meteorites in Tient Rose

I only use this on my nose and chin where I'm a bit oily. It doesn't have the greatest oil control in the world, but I don't want a luminous finish on those areas. 

Benefit Watts Up

I still love this as an allover eye color! Swipe n' go is the theme of this makeup, and this really does the trick. Gives the perfect amount of color to make me feel more put together without going all the way. This is the sample size from last year's Sephora Birthday gift. I've used it a lot, but still have a ton left...will I ever see the end??? 

Kevyn Aucoin The Precision Brow Pencil

Review HERE. I've totally stopped using the Guerlain brow powder palette (review HERE) for now because I find it more time consuming to use than this pencil. I love that I can quickly twist and apply...and can make it subtle or more dramatic. Plus its got the spoolie on the opposite end so I don't need my brow brush either. 

All this plus whatever lippie lands in my hands and I'm good to go!! What's your latest No Makeup Makeup Combo?? 


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