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Tag: 30 Random Facts About Me

I was tagged by Belly over @ Wondegondigo and Liz @ Beauty Reductionista to do the 30 Random Facts About Me tag. I loved reading your posts - thank you, ladies!!! <3    Here goes!


 1. I don't know my real birthday. I was adopted from Korea, and the story goes that I was found and taken to an orphanage. No one knew where I came from, so they approximated my age and gave me a birth date.

 2. I'm from Korea and have never had Kimchi, and have only ever tried Korean food once.   

 3. I recently did a DNA test and found out I'm not actually 100% Korean…I'm Korean, Chinese and Japanese. In what percentages I'm not sure because the results aren't given in that manner. But there were also itty bitty bits of other Asian-ness found such as from Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Tibet and Malaysia. 

 4. I took 4 years of German in High School and part of a semester of an intensive German course in College (I ended up dropping it). I even spent part of a Summer in Germany. This is most of what I remember:

Woher kommen Sie? - Where are you from? 

Du bist ein Kartoffelkopf! - You are a potatohead!

Ja - yes

Nein - no

Wunderbar - wonderful

 5. I love sauce and condiments and heartily douse all my food in Tobasco, gravy, ketchup, salsa, marinara or whatever. If there's sauce I'll want more of it!

 6. I used to be a watch fiend until I became a Stewardess and was required to wear one. Now it's the first thing I take off, and I never wear one unless I'm working.

 7.  I STILL think this is funny. Please don't watch if you care about political correctness!!!

 8. When given free reign in a candy store, my favorites are sour grapefruits and sesame candy!

 9. When I was little, there was one night I didn't want to wear the pajamas my mom dressed me in. So I changed into different ones. When she came in she changed them back. She left and I changed into the ones I wanted. This continued until I fell asleep with my hand in the drawer. There's even picture proof.

10. My favorite music ever is from Pink Martini. I have every album, and they are what I would choose if I could listen to nothing else. One of the Gummy pictures is with me holding a Pink Martini album that my amazing mother was able to get autographed when she saw them on Maui. Love you Mom!!!!! <3  Una Notte A Napoli is one of their songs I listen to on repeat. All the time!

11. Most of the time I prefer silence and quiet time. Unless I'm trying to fall asleep. Then I like to have the fan on or some other type of ambient noise. It's quite possible for me to fall asleep watching TV or listening to music, but if I'm actually TRYING to fall asleep then none of that please!

12. I have bitchy resting face. And contrary to what people who don't have bitchy resting face may think...well no it's not something I have control over. No matter how much or how little I smile, I can't help how I look when I don't smile! Think my favorite scenario was when I worked with this Flight Attendant for 3 days who never cracked a smile, ever. On the third day, she tells me I should smile more. LOL! Uh, ok. 

13. I fully admit to wearing socks with flip flops. But in my defense I only do it in hotel rooms because I can NOT touch the floors…and I wear socks because my feet get too cold otherwise. I prefer the 5 finger socks that I otherwise reserve to wear with my Vibrams.

14. Mr. G and I played and completed Resident Evil 5, six times.

15. Nacho Libre is one of my favorite, most highly quotable movies.

16. I'm pretty OCD about keeping things neat, clean and organized. It drives me nuts to see shoes worn in a house, and I almost can't stand it if I know someone flushed the toilet without closing the lid. Sometimes I have to suffer in silence, as I know not everyone agrees ha ha!

17. If it's between food and sleep, I'd rather sleep.

18. Moschino or not, I can't get into this...


19. Pinterest is one of my favorite time wasters. As of this writing, I have 16,488 pins! See them here. If anyone is looking for a professional Pinner for their company, please contact me LOL!

20. I like to Rick Roll my Husband on a regular basis. 

21. I looooove to nap!! But I can't nap for only 20 minutes. I'm out for 2-3 hours. Much of my day is spent wondering whether or not I'll be able to zzzzzzzz??

22. I'm obsessed with luggage, totes, cosmetic cases and anything travel related.  I spend lots and lots of time thinking about how I can pack more efficiently and what exactly the perfect travel gear looks like. My latest obsessions are Anya Hindmarch cases, here

23. I ran 6 miles once. ONCE. My shins hurt for a month. I don't run anymore. 

24. Though I haven't seen a ballet performance in a really, really long time I think ballet is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It's the epitome of grace under pressure, and I have the utmost respect for dancers and their craft. I've always said I'd love to have a pair of pointe shoes one day…just to have them…ok and maybe to put them on once in awhile and pretend ha ha! And The Red Shoes is still one of my favorite movies.

25. I love Cheetos, Doritos, Funyuns, Salt and Vinegar chips, Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles, Jalepeno flavored chips and good ol' classic Lays. Oh, and classic Pringles. Yes, I said Funyuns!!!! Do they make those anymore?!

26. One time for 2 straight weeks I ate nothing but nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. I felt amazing and slept better than I ever have. But ugh it was so boring. Really made me realize how much of eating is social (and other) enjoyment. 

27. Usually the more someone wants me to do something, the less inclined I am to oblige.

28. I hated eating lunch in the High School cafeteria. By my second year, I wised up and would always ask for a library pass so I wouldn't have to go. That lasted 2 years. The final year I found a small group of kids who ate lunch 'by the stairs' and away from things so I ate with them most of the time - unless I went to the library. 

29. While growing up, various people in my family would talk about how they've seen auras or could currently see them. I finally saw one in college but have yet to see one again. I was taking a religious studies course and one of the leaders of an American Indian tribe came to talk to us. I can't remember his name or his tribe but I remember that listening to him speak was one of those life influencing experiences you can't put into words. Toward the end of his talk I saw it. Rubbed my eyes several times because I couldn't believe it. It was beautiful in the most pure sense of the word. 

After he was done and class was over a number of people wanted to talk to him. So I waited in line. When it was finally my turn I didn't say much but instead gave him a big hug. I do remember him saying, ah that's more like it!! I felt so good and calm and peaceful after that for a few days. I think he was magic and pure love all rolled into one, and I'm not kidding when I say that. 

30. I'm really hoping one day J.J. Abrams will make an Alias movie (with the original cast, of course - the only way) because I was so sad when that show ended!! I've seen the whole series 3 times and still love it. Jennifer Garner kicks major ass and I adore her as Sidney Bristow!!! 

Whew! And that's a wrap!! Thank you so much for reading :-)  I won't tag anyone specifically, but if it catches your fancy and you do it please let me know so I can link to your post!!!



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