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There's An App For That!

If you follow me on social media, you'll see this happened on Sunday...


Still not sure what's going on??? Look below!!

Gummy Vision app -

Gummy Vision app -

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YEEEEESSSS!!! I'm totally's a Gummy Vision app!!! 

Since Monday there have been some tweaks and things, but I'm finally ready to make it official and post about it on the blog!! I am so stinkin' excited, and cannot even tell you how giddy this all makes me!!! <insert all the googly-eyed and smiley faced emojis here!!> Seriously...I can hardly stand it LOLOL :-P 

For now it's available on iOS, Android should be coming soon according to the developer. 

Promise, I didn't suddenly blow up in popularity overnight or anything! If anyone else is interested in turning your blog into an app, read THIS article from IFB. There's a company called that will turn your blog or website into an app, and submit it for free. If your are a member of IFB you can use the code to get 2 months free. Right now the price is $15/month, and supposedly they soon will have different price tier levels that will give you different can read about it HERE. And $15/month? I spend way more than that just on coffee ha ha! So I think it's totally worth it! 

Basically they put your blog/site into a theme/template that's customizable to an extent. According to the pricing link, the other price tiers (not yet available as of today's date) will include additional themes/templates. When those become available the Gummy Vision may change a bit - options, options - we'll see!!

Anyway...the cool thing is there's actually a app where you can change things (to an extent) in your app and see it get published right away. You can also see your app analytics - for now it only shows how many downloads, but they say soon with the different price tiers you'll be able to access more app data. 

Only thing to note...

If you end up wanting to add anything additional (such as different menu categories or something), or there are some changes you are curious if they can make beyond the have to email them and they'll let you know what they can do. The thing to note part is to be patient. My experience with them was less than smooth, and frustrating at best. I'm not sure if it was the person I dealt with via email, or just how they operate...but in general trying to get changes made, small details taken care of and overall communication was kind of ugh. Sometimes they were super nice - one time they even called me, other times they were curt and yet other times there was zero communication and I'd have to ask many times to get something done. 

Ultimately, I'm very happy with how it turned out and think they offer a really fantastic service, especially for the price!! I did have to be a little flexible, but that's life :-) Thing to remember is, at the end of the day you're still choosing from themes/ if that's not your thing you may want try something else. 

Soooooo...I have an app!!! OMGeeeeeee!!! Seriously. Did I tell you how excited I am?!!!!! LOLOL!!! 


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