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Swatched: Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream in Bordeaux and Sancerre

Ready for another Bite Beauty product review?!!

**No press samples. All items were purchased by me. Affiliate links included.** 

Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream in Bordeaux and Sancerre, $28/0.26oz @ Sephora

I like the packaging on these...simple, clean and modern. Like the other Bite Beauty products, I like that the logo is subtle and you almost have to look for it.  


I actually picked these colors out online, and of course that's always a challenge! But I couldn't be more thrilled with how these colors turned out in real life!! Bordeaux is on the left, Sancerre on the right. 

Usually I would wipe down the white applicator before taking pictures, but left these as is because I wanted to show how different these colors can look. Plus what's left on the white applicator portion is closer to how these might look when worn as a stain. 

Flat out, I absolutely love this formula. It is rich and highly pigmented, with gorgeous colors. The Cashmere Lip Cream is smooth, lightweight and amazingly comfortable to wear. This claims to be a cream-to-powder formula with a matte finish, but I don't find it to be matte, nor is it a satin...I'd say it's more of a natural finish. Did I already mention how comfortable and lightweight this is?!! 

In terms of hydration, I feel this is between a lipstick and a light balm. I don't think this is drying at all, but if you are prone to dry lips or flaking I don't know that this will provide enough moisture to remedy all that, so you might consider wearing a primer or a touch of balm underneath. I tried this with and without primer, and found it wore better through the day when worn with the Bite Beauty Lip Primer

From the Sephora site: 

A cream-to-powder matte lip color that delivers an unprecedented 50 percent pigment dispersion...Through BITE’s proprietary small-batch process, this weightless formula fuses hand-milled edible butters with pure premium pigments to deliver BITE’s boldest coverage yet. Formulated with four times the average level of pigments, Cashmere Lip Cream imparts an intense, feather-light wash of color.  

Outdoor sunlight - click image to enlarge

Outdoor shade - click image to enlarge

Look at that color!!! I think Bordeaux is a perfect Fall/Winter color, and Sancerre is a great color for anytime you want something with a bit more pop and punch :-)   

Now for full disclosure, I did end up returning these. Why? The applicator is flat and kind of floppy and with this particular formula I just found it tricky to work with to get a clean line. I finally was able to get the top lip to look good, but could not for the life of me to get my bottom lip to look right. I tried using the tip of the applicator to get a clean line, but that didn't work. I tried using a lip brush but the consistency didn't lend itself to working very nicely with a brush. I found it difficult because the 'bottom' of the applicator that lands on the bottom of my lip doesn't really have an edge to it. Here's the applicator picture again for reference...

It's not really even a flat doe foot. It's just flat. 

Soooooo...I really, really, really wish I could a clean line on my bottom lip with these because I thought they were such a fantastic formula!! Boo. But I wanted to mention these Cashmere Lip Creams because I think they are definitely worth checking out, and I know others have been successful with application and love them!! Check out the reviews from Jules Darling and Will Work for Makeup :-) 

Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream ingredients:

Click image to enlarge


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