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Return To Sender III

It's time for another Return to Sender post, where I recap items that I've returned, am planning on returning or have been relegated to the purge pile because they cannot be returned. You can catch the first installment HERE, and the second one HERE

These aren't meant to be reviews, merely a snippet about how I decide whether or not I like a product enough to keep it :-)

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream 

I always see this standing in the Sephora checkout line, and have looked up reviews numerous times. I finally decided to try it out when my skin was feeling a bit drier than normal. I tried it once and it felt too thick and heavy on my skin. 

Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Flax

I ordered this when for some inexplicable reason my trusty NARS eye primer wasn't working (neither was TF eye primer)! I tried this twice and it didn't work at all. It didn't make it past a few hours! That's pretty unacceptable for an eye primer, especially for someone like me with super oily lids + a mono lid that creases pretty much right at my lash line. The only thing I did like is that it had a doe foot applicator. 

Clinique Antioxidant Lid Smoothie in Cashew Later

This was another one I purchased when NARS and TF eye primers weren't working - ah ha but they are just fine now…think I wasn't letting them dry all the way before applying shadow?? Anyway back to the Clinique!! This isn't touted as an eye primer, but a lot of the reviews I read said it worked really well as one. Not for me. It didn't even last as long as the Laura Mercier mentioned above. And the color wasn't right for my lids either. But, I can't fault the product as it's not marketed as a primer. 

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu

Purchased this because I had a picture of it on one of my Pinterest boards. The pic source didn't have the name of the color or even the product so it took quite a bit of googling to find what it was. Absolutely, positively adore the color!!! Maggie even told me it should be my signature color and I should wear it all the time!! OMG but I couldn't get past the formula…emphasized every single nook, cranny, line and flake on my lips. And it felt really dry. Darn it all!!! If you have any suggestions of a similar color I'd love to hear it - this one I especially loved because it had a slight blue undertone that's really hard to find in vampy colors (vampy colors usually tend to turn very warm on me even if they are cool). 

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Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

First off, I was really surprised when I opened the jar because it seemed like a lot less than 1oz of product. Maybe the jar is 1oz but the jar certainly wasn't filled anywhere near the top - makes the $55 price tag seem even that much more annoying. Considering the Tata Harper reputation and lovely write ups and reviews, I was really looking forward to trying this product as most of her line I can't use due to ingredients. I tried this twice and it did absolutely nothing for my skin. Seriously…nothing. No difference in hydration, softness, brightness…didn't even feel like it exfoliated anything. 

Not pictured...

Burberry polish in Nude Pink - even after 2 coats it looked thin and really streaky.

Ellis Faas Concealer - ordered the wrong shade, and the store didn't carry Ellis Faas so I didn't get another one. I'll try again someday maybe, as it's one that Lipstick Boulevards recommended! 


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