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Mini Review: Shu Uemura x RAEviewer Collaboration

I was really excited when I saw RAEviewer post about her collaboration with Shu Uemura, HERE. I think she's done another one since? But this is the first one. Though these aren't neutrals I usually gravitate toward, I was really intrigued to see what she would pick to put into a palette! 

***All items purchased by me. Affiliate links included.***

Though this palette says Limited Edition, it is still available to purchase from the Shu Uemura site, HERE. If you look to the left on the product page, there is a code to receive the quad case for free. Please note: in order to get the quad case free you have to put it into your cart first!! The Shu site makes it easy to do this…just click 'add all to cart' at the top. 

The total is $74 for 4 shadows, including the empty palette, but if you enter the code it's only $60. 

Also, despite this saying it's limited edition, I think these are colors they have available all the time so if you miss it you can just take note of the colors and buy them separately. Don't quote me on that, but I had to call Customer Service at one point about my order and she made it seem like these were regularly stocked colors that the bloggers 'put together' (Rae isn't the only blogger to have collaborated with Shu Uemura). Everything arrives in it's own box anyway and you put the palette together yourself. 

The eyeshadow colors are $15/each:

P Light Beige 812 Pearl Neutral Beige
ME Medium Brown 862 Metallic Bronze
P Dark Brown 861 Pearl Earth Brown
M Dark Brown 896 Matte Brown

The following pictures are labeled with numbers only. This is also my first experience with anything from Shu Uemura, except for the eyelash curler!

These are much more warm and coppery than I've ever been drawn to, but I'm SO happy with them and wish that I had ventured out into this color range before. It's just nice to have something different than the usual taupe-y neutrals ha ha!! 

The tray slides out, and you pop the colors in/out. Very quick and easy. 

I didn't think I would find anything I like as much as Rouge Bunny Rouge or Burberry. Then came Suqqu. Then came the Tom Ford Fall shadow palettes. Now I'm loving the Shu! The texture seems a little more compacted into the pan than the aforementioned, but they are every bit as creamy, smooth and beautifully blendable once brush hits product and is applied. Even the darkest shade, 896, is super smooth! Plus, these are really pigmented, but not so crazy pigmented that they can't be used with a light hand for a softer effect. The lightest shade, 812, is a great shade to help even out my lids a bit in addition to giving them some oooompf - it's a nice break from my usual pinky beige wash of color.

At some point when I'm looking for more shadows to buy, I'll definitely look to getting more from Shu Uemura...

Indoor daylight bulbs. 

Sorry, I've had such a tough time being available to take sunny pictures, but at least this gives you an idea. For additional swatch pics, check out RAEviewer's post HERE

Plus look how tiny it is!!!!! It's such a fantastic size for traveling, and I love that I could pack more than one without taking up a ton of space!

This palette is a definite 2 thumbs up from me! I'm excited to try more from Shu Uemura…any suggestions???


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