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Swatched: Burberry Lip Glow in Trench Kiss and Lip Cover in Oxblood

If you missed my Sneak Peek post for Burberry Autumn/Winter 2013, you can check it out HERE. It shows the Burberry display case as well as on the fly swatches. 

Full review of the Effortless Kohl Multi-Use Pencil in Poppy Black, Stone and Oxblood HERE

***All products purchased by me. Affiliate links included.***

Burberry Lip Glow in No. 24 Trench Kiss  - $27/.2oz @, Nordstrom,

Burberry Lip Cover in No. 33 Oxblood  - $30/.12oz @, Nordstrom, Saks

For some reason I couldn't find Oxblood Lip Cover on the Burberry site, but I've seen it before so maybe they are sold out for now. As far as Nordstrom, I am able to see these colors as an option on the mobile app, but not when I go to the full website. But then in the past week I've seen them come and go on the mobile app too. So weird. With all the strange goings-on with the rest of the Burberry stock who knows what the deal is. 

This really is more of a swatching session than a review, as I don't have much more to say about the product formulas than I have before - I'll try to be brief!! 

I don't care for the Lip Glow formula in general, mainly because in this particular product I find the Burberry scent almost overwhelming but also because I find they don't have great staying power. However, I've been absolutely loving the Trench Kiss color so I'm dealing LOL!! On my lips it's fairly neutral with a hint of shimmer - just enough to enhance my natural lip color…not too pink, not too peach…not too beige. 

The Oxblood Lip Cover I'm kind of in love with. I have a few dark lipsticks in my collection, but not anything quite this color. My collection isn't that big, so I don't know how dupable this is. On my lips I like that it doesn't pull too warm…otherwise some dark lips that are too warm make me look a bit sallow. I'm really enjoying this formula too! It applies quite smoothly, and is nearly the perfect color in one swipe. I'd say it's got about average lasting power. Oh, and it's wonderful as a stain! I've also tried it as a cheek color and I really loved the effect :-)

Lip Glow in Trench Kiss.

Lip Glow in Trench Kiss

Lip Cover in Oxblood.

Outdoor sunlight.

See - not a huge difference from 1 swipe to 3! Oh…and the Trench Kiss color is swatched pretty heavily. 

Outside sunlight. Closer picture of the Trench Kiss shimmer.

Outdoor shade.

Inside window light.


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