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Le Sigh...

***Update 11/20/2013: Looks like Pale Barley is available to order on the Burberry site, and keeps trickling into Nordstrom stores and Nordstrom online. Here's the Burberry link:    If you do order from the Nordstrom site and it has an approximate ship date that is in mid December, you might try calling a Nordstrom Burberry counter to see if they have it so you don't have to wait. If the counter doesn't have it you can ask them to order from another store for you. One of my friends also found it at the Burberry counter at Saks in NYC :-)  


I woke up to this: 

And apparently I'm not the only one. Shari @ The Misty Mom received a cancellation email too. Highly disappointing, especially since Nordstrom had Pale Barely on the site again just last night!! Wondering if anyone will be lucky enough to receive it, or have all the orders been cancelled?? Are we at all surprised or did we half expect it?!! Hmmm…what's going to happen to Blossom orders (as of this morning it is up on the Nordstrom site again)…hmmmmm….HMMMMMM!!!! 

I feel like we need to hold a candlelight vigil or something... 


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