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Burberry Pale Barley and Blossom Available To Order On…& Peek Of More Polish Colors

***Update 11/20/2013: Looks like Pale Barley is available to order on the Burberry site, and keeps trickling into Nordstrom stores and online. Here's the Burberry link:    If you do order from the Nordstrom site and it has an approximate ship date that is mid December, you might try calling a Nordstrom Burberry counter to see if they have it so you don't have to wait. If the counter doesn't have it you can ask them to order from another store for you. One of my friends also found it at the Burberry counter at Saks in NYC :-)   

***Update 11/12/2013: Please see THIS POST. My order for Pale Barley was cancelled, and apparently I wasn't the only one. Le sigh :-( 

***Update 11/10/2013: Looks like Pale Barley and Blossom keep popping in and out of stock on the Nordstrom site. Blossom was gone and reappeared for like a day, but is gone again. Pale Barley disappeared after the first few days, and is finally back with an expected ship date of 12/17 (THANK YOU, marnabear!!). If it goes poof again, keep checking back! 

AH HA!!! Received a comment this morning from Caroline on this post HERE. She wrote, "I just randomly discovered that it [Pale Barley] is available to order - although backordered - on!"  THANK YOU SO MUCH, Caroline!!!!! 

I went to the Nordstrom site to order!! Pale Barley has an approximate ship date of 11/12/2013. Found that Blossom blush is also available to order, though approximate ship date is 12/17/2013. Some other colors that have been OOS on the Nordstrom site are on backorder as well (I think many have been OOS on Saks too, but have been available on Burberry site directly?). Belly from Wondegondigo also tweeted confirming links this morning!!! Thank you, mama Belly -xoxoxoxo!!!!!


Pale Barley @Nordstrom, HERE. Almond has an approximate ship date of 11/6/2013. Midnight Plum has an approximate ship date of 11/12/2013. Khaki, Antique Rose and Tea Rose all have an approximate ship date of 12/17/2013

Blossom @Nordstrom, HERE.  Earthy and Misty have an approximate ship date of 11/6/2013. 

Doesn't look like Pale Barley and Blossom are on the or sites yet…hopefully soon? Also, any Nordstrom or Saks sightings of the Autumn/Winter Trench Kisses collection yet?? 


Ok, I'm really excited!!!! But I'm still slightly skeptical, and will finally believe the news when these little gems actually land on my doorstep and jump into my grubby little hands!! Ha ha :-)   Will you be ordering? 

…in other Burberry news... 

There were a few tweets from Burberry showing new colors for the Autumn/Winter polish collection, though the accompanying links didn't show the new colors were available online…soon?!! The graphite and metallics especially caught my eye :-) 




I Love My… Mauve-y/Pinky/Berry Lipsticks!!

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