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#OctoberSampler Recap

For the month of October, Bronzer Bunny and I had decided to use up and purge as many samples as possible!! Dawn from Beauty And The New Forty joined us!! 

My original post HERE .

Bronzer Bunny's original post HERE, recap HERE

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I think Bronzer Bunny and Dawn both did an amazing job :-)  Though if I'm completely honest, I think Dawn was the most gung-ho out of the 3 of us, and was like a machine through the entire month!! I was on a roll for the first week or so of October, but then slowed waaaaay down because I was afraid of upsetting my skin. Plus, my face was already feeling dehydrated and uncomfortable (I think because of the change in weather?), and I didn't want to make things worse. So mostly I relied on purging to whittle down the samples - hey whatever works!!! LOL! 


This was the original pile, excluding fragrance samples. This also doesn't include a small stash I found hiding. I may also have *cough* accumulated a few more samples during the month...

This is all I have left after using and/or purging the samples!!

Ok, not including fragrance ha ha :-)  But this is much more manageable and I don't feel overwhelmed!!

Read on to see what happened to the rest... 

This is the pile of samples that I actually finished up. There were some I liked, and of course there were several I didn't. The standouts I liked: Chocolate Truffle moisturizing mask, SkinFood Honey Black Tea and Jelly Foam (cleanser), Omorovicza Gentle Buffing Cleanser, Sunday Riley Start Over Active Eye Cream (already love this one and have been using it for awhile). 

This is the pile that I tried once or twice and didn't want to finish. The Goldfadden and Revive packets are flattened out because I emptied them into sample containers, but I didn't finish those containers. 

This is the purge pile!! Not including fragrance. There were a bunch of fragrance samples that looked like they had evaporated or something so I just threw those out. Most of these were eliminated because they contained ingredients I couldn't use, so that was very helpful!! These will be great blog sale add ons :-)  

Going to try my best to keep the sample pile more manageable, and to go through them on a regular basis! All in all, I'm very happy with my October Sampler results!!!  

A big, huge THANK YOU to Bronzer Bunny and Dawn for joining in and helping push me through #OctoberSampler!!! It was fun!!! We'll have to do it again ha ha :-) 


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