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The Hit List, Revisited...

Almost 2 months ago, I posted The Hit List (here), where I posted about some recently acquired items that I was excited about. Thought it was time to give you a update! 

**No press samples. All items were purchased by me. All shopping links are non-affiliate links.**  

And btw...I need to come up with a different name for this series if I continue it!! Promise I did a google search for 'beauty hit list'...'beauty blogger hit list'...etc. and nothing came up. Oh, how wrong that was! Evidently there are quite a few Hit Lists out there, so I do apologize. I wasn't trying to copy anyone by having the same name, and next time the name will be different! Taking suggestions, if you have one :-) 

Beauty Protector, Protect & Detangle -  $21.95/8oz @ Birchbox

Still love this and I will be repurchasing! I finally finished my last hair mask, so from now on I don't know if I will use anything else unless it's a sample? I suppose it couldn't hurt to have a very moisturizing hair mask (any recs??)...but as far as detangling and keeping my hair shiny and uber soft this is amazing. And I love the does Mr. Gummy!!  

Circ Cell Dew - $55/4oz @ ,

Still love this stuff too, though I think it inexplicably makes my skin react a bit so I can't seem to use it everyday/night anymore. I'm really annoyed because otherwise I absolutely love how it makes my skin glow (I even notice the difference when wearing makeup!!), and the extra bit of moisture it provides. Upon contact it feels so soothing and hydrating. I've been using it about every other night now because I can't bear to rid it completely from my routine!! Oh, and I did buy a backup bottle :-)

EDIT 2/11/2014: Changed my mind again, and I think it was something else I was testing out that was irritating my skin. Back to loving the Dew!!! I'm very happy, because I still love how it makes my skin glow and gives that extra kick of hydration!

Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil Light - $14/.5oz & $48/1.7oz @ 

I ended up returning this because it started to clog my pores.  

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF20 - $19.50/1oz @ SephoraNordstrom, Laura Mercier counters

Still really like this as a quickie application on the mornings I want to look a bit put together but don't really care to take the time to do a full face. I like it because I can skip the moisturizer step (ok, I can't skip moisturizing completely, but I don't have to layer as much in addition to foundation). I can't use it too many days in a row though, otherwise I start getting clogged pores. 

Bite Beauty Line & Define Lip Primer - $22/.13oz @ Sephora  

I still quite love this and use it a lot, plus I found a new use for it...drum a lip balm!!! Love the scent and slight bit o' mint!! Plus it really helps smooth out my lips and makes lipstick application that much more enjoyable. I don't think it's the best liner out there, but as a primer I do think it's pretty fantastic. The more emollient a lippie is, the more this tends to not work as a liner to keep things from bleeding. It's ok that I've seen how much of a difference a primer makes when applying lipstick, I don't mind using this + a liner (I usually use the clear liner from MUFE). And I love that it mutes my natural lip color a bit so that colors look a bit more true to tube :-)

That's the recap!! Not a ton of difference except for returning the Josie Maran and the Circ Cell Dew starting to irritate my skin a bit. That's a pretty good ratio for me, as I seem to be returning or seem to be disappointed by a lot of things lately!! Any love, hate or otherwise for these products?!!


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