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Sneak Peek: Burberry Beauty Fall (Autumn/Winter) 2013 Trench Kisses Collection

I was getting very impatient while waiting for the Fall Burberry line, especially when other counters are already getting Holiday items!! Of course, it's no surprise given there's STILL no Pale Barley or Blossom (along with a few other colors that remain forever oos)...oh, and the Summer collection in the US didn't arrive until most counters had their Fall items out. Dropping the ball, missing the boat...whatever you call's getting annoying.  

LOL :-) All that aside, I was very much looking forward to the Trench Kisses collection because all the Oxblood and polishes were calling my name!! I kept stalking the counters to no avail. Finally, I called the Burberry Flagship store in Chicago and voila - they had the Fall collection!!! Yaaaay!!! Though I'd prefer to shop from Nordstrom, I was getting too antsy ha ha!


This post wouldn't be complete without the obligatory planet Burberry photo...such a grey and cold day in Chicago!! But no mind...there are things to be swatched!!! 

The display was missing the Lip Mist in Trench Kiss, but there's no empty space for it on the display so I'm not sure what the deal is?? It's available online though. Oh and the display said Autumn/Winter not Fall, so wondering if there will be any Holiday specific items?? 

 ...and here's me and my swatches leaving the store!! LOL!! The MUA who helped me offered up a tissue with makeup remover to take it all off. Ummmm...told him I'd save it for later because I wanted to see how the colors look in different light...I always think they won't like it if I say it's for the blog ha ha!!

**All items purchased by me. All links are non-affiliate links.** 

I ended up with:

Effortless Kohl Multi-Use Pencil in No. 01 Poppy Black, No. 02 Oxblood & No. 03 Stone (somehow I missed putting the third in this picture??)  - $30/.07oz

Iconic Colour Nail Polish in No. 104 Stone, No. 299 Poppy Black & No. 303 Oxblood  - $21/.27oz

Lip Glow in No. 24 Trench Kiss  - $27/.2oz

Lip Cover in No. 33 Oxblood  - $30/.12oz

For now, the entire collection is available at You can also contact the Burberry Flagship store in Chicago...the man who helped me: William Martinez,, 312.787.2500 (ask for the Beauty department). Otherwise, Nordstrom SA's keep telling me this is supposed to arrive sometime in October...I forgot to ask Saks...

Please keep in mind this is by no means a review, but I was really excited (just went and picked these up today) and wanted to share some quick pics anyway!  

Effortless Kohl Multi-Use Pencil in Poppy Black, Oxblood and Stone. You are supposed to be able to use these on your eyes and lips. When swatching, Stone seemed really creamy and easy to apply. Oxblood and Poppy Black took a bit of warming up. Poppy Black doesn't is dark, but it doesn't seem to be a super rich, glossy kind of black. These do come with a sharpener. 

***Edit: Full review HERE***

Lip Cover in Oxblood and Lip Glow in Trench Kiss

***Edited: Swatches of Burberry Lip Glow in Trench Kiss and Lip Cover in Oxblood HERE.

Lip Cover in Oxblood

Lip Glow in Trench Kiss

Lip Glow in Trench Kiss


Iconic Colour Nail Polish in Stone, Poppy Black and Oxblood.  

The cap has the signature Burberry check, but is only a cover for the screw top lid. The MUA today said there will be a base and top coat out sometime in November. A Nordstrom SA said there will be 17 colors eventually. I'm really excited to try the polish!! From the Burberry site: 

Formulated with patent-pending technology, Burberry Nail Polish has a high-gloss finish with accelerated drying and hardening times. The formula contains strengthening and moisturizing elements, including antioxidant provitamin B-5 and myrrh extract, to help protect and care for nails and prevent breakages. 



Cap removed to show that there is more to the bottle than first meets the eye! 

This has got a slightly wider brush...doesn't seem too big or too small...seems like a good size, but then I like mine like that! I find Chanel and Essie brushes too small. 

*****Edited 10/20: Painted my nails with Stone tonight!!  The brush is almost as wide as Guerlain but not as wide as Dior. I had a little trouble with my pinky using the wide brush, but nothing that was close to being a deal breaker. Even though Guerlain and Dior brushes are wider, I don't have a problem getting my pinky because of the curved brushes. What surprised me was the dry time!!! I was very skeptical and had my doubts about accelerated dry times in the description, but I'm very happy to report that I was proved wrong! The first coat was fully dry in less than 5 minutes. The second coat I didn't keep exact time because I got distracted, but I can say it was fully dry at the point where most of my other polishes are only dry to the light touch (you know, where if you press harder you'll still get a fingerprint). It's enough to keep me impressed and looking forward to trying the next color to see if it applies the same!!*****

On the fly swatches!!

Trench Kiss Li Glow is a lot more sheer than it looked like it might be from the tube. I think it won't add much color, but will be a nice little ooompf for bare lips or over other colors. Oxblood Lip Glow has a surprisingly, slightly pink hint to it. Oxblood Lip Cover and Lip Mist are pretty spot on the same color so I doubt you need both, but rather it might be a preference in formula. I chose the Lip Cover because I liked the coverage more...this swatch is only 1 swipe vs. the Lip Mist that is several swipes.

The Rosewood Lip Mist is surprisingly darker and less pink/mauve than I thought it would be. Even in the tube it was darker than I had assumed. I expected a color like the Rosewood lip pencil and Rosewood Lip Glow...not so much. 

Different angle to get a better view of the Oxblood Lip Mist and Lip Cover, and the Rosewood Lip Mist. 

I wish they had the Trench Kiss Lip Mist...I'll try to swatch that when it arrives :-)   I'll also update later with better swatches in general, and swatches in different lighting if it ever gets sunny again - it's been so cloudy here LOL!!

Anything catch your eye??!! 

For reviews, more swatches and other lighting pictures, please visit  Vanity-Fashionista, HERE :-)

I did ask about Pale Barley and Blossom...he said the whole thing is crazy and they didn't know when they would arrive...could be any day but it's supposed to still be in stores at some point...hmmmmmm!! 



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