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Comparison: Microfiber Cloth VS. Baby Washcloth

On my 2012 Beauty Favorites, I listed a baby washcloth as one of my skincare favs. Before deciding it was a favorite, I experimented with using a microfiber cloth to exfoliate. Here's a comparison of both!!

Both cloths are very inexpensive. I purchased the microfiber cloths at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but they can be found in many shops including the Dollar Store. They were 10 for $9.99, and Maggie and I split them. I cut all 5 of mine into quarters so they would be easier to manage. 20 cloths for $5 isn't too shabby!! The baby washcloths I purchased at Target, and yes they are found in the baby section :-) They come in a pack of 6 for $4.99 - still cheap, especially considering you can wash and reuse all of them!!

I like to use these cloths along with my regular cleanser. No matter which I use, I get one wet...cleanse my face...then use either cloth to remove the cleanser. As I remove the cleanser, I gently rub the cloth in small circles to remove any flakes and dead skin cells that are ready to come off. I rinse the cloth and repeat until all the cleanser is removed, and until I feel I don't need to exfoliate any longer. This method also helps remove any last bits of makeup!

Here's a picture to show the difference in texture. Don't let anything fool you...both of these are super soft against the skin. Because they are so soft, you might feel the need to press really hard and to do so for an extended period of time. DON'T!! Despite their nature, these cloths can rub your skin raw if you are too aggressive, so please use caution the first few times until you get used to what they can do. 

I find the microfiber to have a velvety feel, while the baby washcloth feels exactly like it's name - a baby washcloth! I think the baby washcloth has an oh-so-slight more tack to it...meaning I notice it a little more against my face vs. the microfiber. Might seem strange, but this is one of the reasons I prefer the baby washcloth! The difference in texture makes me less apt to over exfoliate and irritate my skin. 

If I ever feel I need something with even less texture than the baby washcloth, all I have to do is flip it over! The opposite side (pictured above) is even softer, and I dare say is even gentler than its other half and the microfiber. This is the second reason I prefer the baby washcloth over microfiber. 

In terms of effectiveness, I feel both the microfiber cloth and baby washcloth perform equally well. So to be straight, my preference stems from texture and not from performance! Either way, both are worth a try!!

Have you tried either of these cloths? What do you think of them? 


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