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Tip For Messy Sifter Jars

With so many mineral products, loose powders-shadows-cheek powders and such on the market today it's a wonder how our bathroom counters and vanities stay clean! I learned a super useful trick with the first mineral foundation I ever tried (Bare Minerals) to help keep product from spewing everywhere and from being afraid of it spilling and losing too much product:

1. Find either a stick pin or safety pin.

2. Don't remove the plastic sticker from the sifter (the one that covers the dispenser holes).

3. Poke only 1 or 2 holes into the plastic sticker with the stick/safety pin. Make sure to move the pin from side to side so that a nice, solid hole is made.

4. End result should resemble the picture above!

To dispense product:

1. When you twist the lid back onto the container, turn the container upside down and continue to hold it upside down in one hand. 

2. With the other hand lightly tap the bottom of the container a few times. This will dispense product without making a huge mess. 

3. If enough product does not come out, then try the same technique but with a shifting motion as well - turn container upside down in one hand...shift container back and forth a few times...tap bottom of container with other hand...repeat as necessary. 

If the sifter for some reason does not contain a plastic sticker or you poked too many holes, simply use a piece of tape to cover up the unneeded hole(s). I've found for most products 2 holes is perfect, but every once in awhile only 1 is needed. 

Hope this makes sense! If it doesn't let me know and I'll try to do a quick video showing the technique :-)

Anyone out there already do this? Does it work for you or do you have a better trick you can share?


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