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Beauty Bin

I have a quite a few additions this year to my Beauty Bin. Beauty Bin - you know - that drawer or basket we all have that's full of products we've used a time or three and can't quite get into. It might be because of texture, color, smell or even for some unnamed reason we don't know how to explain...we simply do not like the product! 

I decided to pull out this year's toss aways and share why they received the thumbs down. Most of these items were used a few times at most, so they either did not warrant proper reviews, or I didn't feel there was anything remarkable about them. I usually return products I don't like, but sometimes I feel bad returning items and end up keeping them to gather dust.

I mean no disrespect to anyone who uses or loves any of these products!! Everyone is different, and it's all in the name of curiosity :-)

Lip products.

Lip products, opened. 

Top row: 

*Revlon lipstick in Soft Nude and in Carnation - my friend Maggie really loves one of the Revlon nude colors so I thought I would give them a try. Colors were all wrong on me.

*Lorac Breakthrough Performance Lipstick SPF15 in Premiere - loved how moisturizing it was and how smoothly it would glide onto my lips...but the color was a little too peachy.

*Laura Mercier Stick Gloss in Brown Sugar - very moisturizing, but the color was not the right neutral pink. 

*Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF15 in original and in Rose - these are the mini versions that are the Sephora VIB Birthday gift. I had a bad reaction to these...still not sure what caused it.

*Laura Mercier Lip Shine in Naked Apricot - gave me what I call Barbie lips...the color looked fake and plastic-y. I did a mini-review and swatched it, but ended up only using it a few times after that. I was unsure even then, but was convinced the color was going to be fantastic since it was so pretty in the pot. Delusional, party of one! Ha ha!!


*Bobbi Brown Pink & Gold Lip Palette - Roseberry, Kir, Pretty Pink, Sunset Nude, Italian Rose, Brownie. There was something about the undertones in these colors that always made my lips look a rusty peach color. Not flattering on me. This palette is actually a couple years old. I tried it when I first purchased it back then, but didn't like it. Then I pulled it out again recently and tried combining colors, tried with lip pencils, tried with glosses - the works! Still didn't like!


*Benefit Ultra Shine Lip Shine in Kiss You - did not like the color and it was very sticky.

*Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain in Rendezvous, Lovesick, Honey - tried these because all the message boards seemed to be talking about thrills so I gave them a shot...ugh...horrible...some of the worst lippies I've tried in awhile. They were not moisturizing and only seemed to make my lips drier, did not apply smoothly at all and the colors were not good on me. 

*Bobbi Brown eyeshadows in Navajo, Steel, Heather Mauve - these were my first Bobbi Brown shadows and I really liked the colors when I was in the store and when the sales lady applied them on me. When I got them home though I was less than thrilled with the texture and the colors were meh. 

*Korres Wild Rose Mineral Foundation in Light - I found the application to be splotchy unless I applied more than normal and the color is not good for me. I tried other colors in the store, but they seemed even worse. Figured once I got this home I could work with it but it is just a tad too dark and a tad too warm. I could mix colors, but that's more work than I am willing to put in!

*Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in 2.5 Warm Sand - absolutely love the idea, but this little gem broke me out!

*Clinique Airbursh Concealer in Neutral Fair - this has such amazing reviews I was really excited to try. I really like how it feels, but the way it brightens looks strange on me...almost as if it's too much. 

*Lancome Eclat Miracle - I've been searching for a subtle highlighter, and thought this might be "the one" until I broke out. 

*Replenix 3x Smoothing Serum - feels so silicone-y I can't stand it. Have been trying to use it up on my hands but I don't even like how that feels!

*Caudalie Vinosource Anti-Wrinkle Nourishing Cream - absolutely loved until it clogged my pores

*Caudalie Pulpe Vitaminee Anti-Wrinkle Cream - absolutely loved until it clogged my pores

*Caudalie Pulpe Vitaminee Anti-Wrinkle Fluid - clogged my pores

*Caudalie Cleansing Water - only ever used it on my eyes and it gave me milia

*Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser and Glycolic Acid Toner - Maggie gave me what she had left after she didn't like these two products. The cleanser dried me out and the toner felt slightly sticky and not clean.

*Nutra Nail Gel Perfect Gel Manicure - thought I'd try the DIY version of the salon gel manicures. Big mistake and waste of $$. The polish application was super streaky. I didn't get through painting one hand before saying abort!!

*Almay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Swabs - great idea, but stung my eyes.

That's it for the inaugural installment of Beauty Bin!! I hope to do more of these in the future!!

Edited to add: Oh, wait...perhaps I should hope to NOT do more of these and instead love everything I try!! Ha a perfect world. Le sigh. 


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