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Pink Is The New Black

In honor of Valentine's Day, I'm gonna say Pink is the new Black!! Simple as that :-)  Have FUN, and here are some ideas to get you going...

Pink Is The New Black

Item of the Day!! Caudalie Cleansing Water, $14/3.4 oz and $26/6.7oz @, Sephora.

For now I am only using this as an eye makeup remover. I'm going to try this as an all over makeup remover, but wanted to wait until a majority of marks and blemishes are gone (in case the rest of my face doesn't like it and I have a reaction I can pinpoint the cause). That said, I am enjoying this so much for the eye area I thought I'd share! 

The Cleansing Water has a texture of...well...water :-)  It feels extremely gentle, almost soothing and doesn't irritate my eyes. It usually takes 2 pieces of facial cotton, and without any tugging all eye makeup is completely removed - including heavy duty eyeliner and base (currently using Benefit Stay Don't Stray). The scent is very, very faint...a mixture of floral, grapes and soap. This is a micellar water which means it is formulated to be used on its own, no rinsing and no follow-up cleanser. The finish is oh so slightly tacky - I don't like to put eye cream over that so I do follow up with ARCONA Berry Fruit Bar. 

User beware: It takes quite a bit of product to remove makeup, especially if you are cleansing your entire face. 


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