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Empties: April 2016

I finished a lot of product January through March and purged a lot as well. I think it's probably one of my most successful quarters - as such, it seemed pretty daunting to put it all into a single post. I also thought it would probably be way too much to read, even for an Empties fanatic (like myself ha ha!) so I've opted instead to just leave it at I FINISHED A LOT OF STUFF!!! LOL

Empties: May-September 2015

Originally I meant this to be just a quarterly Empties post, to encompass July-September. Buuuuuut...came to realize the last Empties I posted about was for April! So this post covers May-September, and going forward I'll keep it to just quarters. Hopefully!! Ha ha!! 

Empties: March 2015

Thought I would start showing you my Empties in a slightly different order...the first picture is of products not mentioned on the blog before.