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The Skincare Diaries: Procrastinating Pretty

 We are way overdue for a Skincare Diaries entry!!

This time, please welcome Jenn from Procrastinating Pretty!! I love her fun, no nonsense approach to beauty...and her passion for skincare is one where I can imagine us talking for hours (days?!!)!! Plus she's got one of the best blog names around, and I'm slightly jealous I didn't think of it first LOL :-P  Her YouTube channel, also named Procrastinating Pretty, is filled with fantastic videos that are quick & show everything from travel to can watch one of my favorites HERE...

You can also catch up with Jenn on Twitter and Instagram! After her intro & skincare history, be sure to watch the video for her product specific routine :-)


Let’s just say right off that I’ve been a terrible blogger – though I’ve been on this side of the game for the past four years, I’ve really only been realistically consistent since about September 2014.  The fact that Gummy’s been a reader (also equal parts enabler and encourager) for almost three years is beyond insane, and I can’t thank her enough for checking in on me every now and then.  If you feel like dropping in for a visit, you can always find me at!


Skin care has always been a part of the conversation at our house – my older brother developed acne as a teenager, and I can’t remember a day that we didn’t discuss any and all rememdies.  He’s been on two round of Accutane, taken several types of antibiotic, tried every naturopathic remedy (Chinese herbs, poultices, elimination diets), 3-step-systems and with my encouragement, facials.  At the end of the day, this resulted in two things.  First, my mother was terrified I’d suffer the same skin fate and dragged me (there was a time I had to be dragged) to a facial every three weeks.  Second, it proved that all you can do is your best, and time really does heal all.  #existentialskintheory

Through my teenage years I was incredibly lazy with my skin and the only reason I didn’t suffer acne was through my mother’s diligence.  When I went away to university and away from the regimented monthly pore squeezing, genetic acne took vengeance.  I’m sure it was a combination of stress from school and eating poorly, but I like to think that it just needed to happen.  Come to think of it, if my skin hadn’t gotten worse, I would never have developed a regimen and discovered a lifelong hobby – yes, skin care is a hobby.

It wasn’t until I started the blog that I started practicing everything I knew and preached about skin – a consistent routine, drinking enough water, balancing hydration with cleansing, treatments – putting my thoughts out in public kept me accountable for my skin habits.

After a brief stint with the Clarisonic and continued birth control medication, my skin’s settled into a less finicky state.  Breakouts are now mostly due to my environment – a change in water or pollution or diet will set my skin off.  I do what I can to control all those situations, but what’s helped me the most is just not to sweat it.  Like everyone else, I delight in clear-skin days, but generally, I don’t let a random breakout get to me too much.  It’s a sign of everything else going on in my body, and frankly I appreciate the heads up!  This year, I’m working towards being healthy, controlling my stress and work-life balance, and hopefully that makes a lasting difference in my skin.

For my winter skin care, I’m sticking with treating blemishes that pop up and keeping my skin hydrated. I just turned 25 so I haven’t started thinking about anti-aging products just yet, but I think that’s the next step after I sort out my acne situation.  One thing though – I haven’t used an eye cream in about a year…recommendations appreciated!


Thank you so much, Jenn!!! 


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