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I Love My... Office Supplies!

As a way to sometimes get my mind off the 24/7 world of beauty, I'd like to occasionally show you some other things I love! Here's the first one...

Geeky as it sounds, I absolutely and totally love office supplies. Container Store, Staples, name it's got an office supply section (or better yet is an actual office supply store!!) then I'm all over it!! Growing up, though I hated the thought of going to school, I used to revel in the school supply lists and subsequent shopping outings and being able to organize it all. Sigh :-)  

And lately I've been trying to organize the World of Gummy Vision - blog thoughts, To Do's & the like - to hopefully be more productive and not forget things??'s only the beginning so we'll see how that goes LOL! get myself off on the right foot I've ordered some things to help, and thought I'd share some of those with you. 

***All items purchased by me. Non-affiliate links provided.***

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What did I order?? I had a field day on Amazon and have many more things on my Wish List, but here's the latest and greatest:

Martha Stewart 8x10 Shagreen Journal in Blue - You can find this at Staples, but they were out of this color online and I didn't want the other color. It's also $10 cheaper if you can find it in a Staples store or happen to catch it in stock, but it's proved to be hard to find. I love the color, the larger size and that I can still divide it with the removable tabs I also bought! This will serve as my main blogging journal.

VELA Series-A2b Compact Computation Laboratory Notebook, Ruled 9.25"x7.5" - The Martha Stewart journal is a little large and because it's hard sided, just a little heavier than I'd like to travel with (or to just keep in my purse). I wanted something lighter, so I settled on this notebook. The plan is to transfer to the Martha Stewart so that everything still remains in one place. 

Post-It Super Sticky Notes, 4x6, White with Blue Grid - I didn't want a permanent To-Do list section in any of these notebooks, as those type of lists can be never-ending! Instead I'm going to place these graph Post-Its to the inside of each journal...I figure much easier to replace with a new Post-It when I'm done with the list rather than worrying about running out of room or something in the journals. Plus I think it will just look more tidy as I cross things off - the more items that are crossed off I can just copy the few left to a new sheet!

Martha Stewart 3 Color Assorted Tabs - And the genius is that these are removable! 

Staedtler Ballpoint Stick Pens (10pk) - I've had a set of Staedtler fine point markers (properly called the Triplus Fineliner Pens) for awhile now, and really love how they write and the colors they come in. Soooooo...only natural that I'd want to try the ballpoint pens, yes?!!

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pen (20 colors) - While I already have some of these colors, I don't have ALL of them!! And who doesn't need backup markers anyway?? I love the cases these come in because you can wrap the lid around so that it makes a stand for the markers as you use them. This brand is also fantastic because you can leave them uncapped for awhile without them drying out (supposedly for days, but I've never tested it that long). 

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pen Pastel (6 colors) - Uuuummmmm...HELLO...of course I needed the pastel ones, too :-)

Do you have an office supply obsession too?!!! I wanna hear about it - let me know I'm not alone ha ha! xo


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