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Link Love: March 2014

Here are 10 of my favorite blog posts, videos and other beauty bits from March :-) Ok, and maybe one recipe! And I know it's not the end of March yet, but I've been keeping track throughout the month and only had one spot left and found an article I that was it!! These should mostly be in chronological order :-)

 1. British Beauty Blogger shows me something I keep salivating over, but probably will never own due to it's insanely limited availability: Chanel Precious Lace Illuminating Powder, see the post HERE. This is something I'd love to have as a collectable. Le Sigh. Can't wait to see blog posts with real life pictures so I can live vicariously through those lucky lucky bloggers!

 2. I LOLOL'ed when I read this...


 3. Amelia Liana shows her French Pharmacy Haul...

 4. 101 Cookbooks makes Shredded Egg Salad, HERE

 5. So Lonely In Gorgeous sent this tweet: 


 6. Point of Interest: Gives yet more in-depth info to help us decipher ingredient lists, HERE. This is an awesome blog if you are even remotely into DIY skin and body care. 

 7. Softly Sometimes: Unboxes the Le Metier de Beauty March 2014 Beauty Vault Box, HERE. I've been super curious about this beauty subscription, and have been excited to see what is opened each month! Still deciding if I'd use enough of it to make it all worth it?? 

 8. Rocaille Writes: Going With The Flow, or Going With The Crowd, post HERE. If you are a blogger and haven't read this yet, do it now!!!

 9. French Chic Makeup video by Dahye Kim. I recently found her channel and have been loving her tutorials! See below...

10. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Spill Their Makeup Secrets, HERE. I'm very intrigued lately by women who have signature looks...Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang, Gwen Stefani. So I was really interested to see what the Olsen twins use, and what beauty bits they had to offer. 

Do you have any favorite beauty articles, posts or videos you'd like to share? I'm on the lookout for new blogs to follow, as well as Youtubers!


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