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Empties: January 2014

Sorry, sorry!!! I know I just did an Empties post, but I'm trying to be more timely instead of waiting forever ha ha :-)  So here's another one for January!

***Each item either purchased by me, was a sample or GWP. Non-affiliate links included.***

 1. CeraVe Moisturizing Cream - Staple item that I always have on hand and love!

 2. Somme Institute Transport Pads - I had used up a 7 day sample jar and they irritated my skin, so I had put this full sized GWP jar into the blog sale pile. At some point I decided I wanted to try to use up what I could, so decided to pull these out to use on my legs - particularly my thighs because I get little bumps there on an irregular basis. Thought the Transport Pads might help. And guess what…they did!! They were also really good for the bikini line! I won't buy these to specifically use for this purpose because they are a bit pricey, but I'd look for an alternative because it was really nice to have smooth legs all the time *wink wink*

 3. Garden of Wisdom Rice Bran Oil - Review HERE. I'll repurchase this again at some point, because I love adding it to the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream…but I've got quite a few oils I need to finish so it won't be for awhile. 

 4. Skin Beautiful Triple Action Vitamin C - Review HERE. I still think this is a really fantastic product and I saw very noticeable results! However, after a few bottles I started to notice that it made my T-zone more oily and stopped using it on my face. Since then I've been using it on the back of my hands - hey they say you need to take care of your hands too!! But before realizing it was making me more oily I had purchased a number of backup bottles because I loved the results and the Skin Beautiful site always seemed to be out of stock. This was one of the backup bottles that I finally finished…one more to go.

I've tried a few other Vitamin C serums and they all made me more oily too, so I'm thinking it's the Vitamin C itself and not necessarily the formulation. But all that said, if you are looking for an effective, affordable and no frills kind of Vitamin C serum this is a really great option.

 5. Renee Rouleau Anti-Cyst Treatment - Review HERE. Love and am on my 2nd bottle! 

 6. Living Proof Flexible Hold Hairspray - Mainly I like this because it smells pretty good for a hairspray and doesn't leave white flakes!! I'm on my 2nd can. 

 7. Mai Couture Highlighting Papier sample - These were subtle. So subtle that I really had a difficult time noticing any difference?? Won't be purchasing the full size version. 

 8. Aquaphor - An absolute staple item!!

 9. Omorovicza Cleansing Foam - Review HERE. Unfortunately for my wallet I seem to go through this way too quickly!! But I love it way too much to give it up LOL!! This is my second tube, and I'm well into my 3rd already. Luckily, I earned enough Pengo Points to get another tube. The Omorovicza site's reward program is called Pengo Points - it's pretty awesome because the points you earn will buy FULL SIZE product!! I'm hoping that tube will last long enough until the Sephora VIB sale or a sale on any site…then I'll stock up! 

10. Garden of Wisdom Emu Oil - I don't want to say too much here because I have a review forthcoming. If you've been reading my Diary (HERE), you'll know I wasn't sure about putting bird fat (yes it's actually fat and not an oil!!) on my face. Evidently I well got over it and think this is the best 'oil' I've tried so far. Yep…even better than my beloved Passion Fruit Seed OIl! I'm on my second bottle. 

No Husband Empties this time 'round…uuummmm Mr. G let's get on it??!! Ha ha! How did you do for January?!


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