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Return To Sender IV: Instagram Edition

I've been trying to post Instagram pics of things I buy, and thought I might give you an update by reposting the pics and turning it into another Return To Sender post. This isn't meant to be a review for anything, but merely a little blurb about what made me change my mind about a product enough to return it. I'm a nosey Nelly when it comes to finding out why people like or dislike things, and I'm also super curious about why people return things (and also why they put them into blog sales)!! Basically I want to know it all ha ha :-)   If you are like me, then this post is for you. 

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For this Instagram Edition, I'll post the original Instagram pic and the red X's denote what has been returned. 


Armani Spring 2014 Flash Lacquer in 614 - This formula felt nice and moisturizing and not too sticky, but I just didn't quite feel I could feel I could pull the color off, even layered over the Rouge D'Armani Sheer in 614 (I also tried a couple other colors and it didn't look that great). 

Armani Spring 2014 Rouge D'Armani Sheer in 514 & 614 - I instantly fell in loooove with this formula...felt so smooth and comfortable and moisturizing going on! But 514 gave me Barbie lips and 614, like the Flash Lacquer in 614 just wasn't quite me. I tried - I really did. But nope. While I didn't like these colors, I'll definitely keep this formula in mind to look at other colors in the future. 


NARSissist shadow palette - UGH I so so so wanted to love this because some swatches I had seen from other bloggers looked beautiful. Ultimately I just did not care for the formula, and especially found the darker colors difficult to work with. 


Kate Somerville DermalQuench Liquid Lift - Holy amazing for about 2 weeks!!! Seriously...added a wonderfully hydrating feel underneath my face oils, and within a few days lessened the appearance of a few tiny lines on the side of my forehead. After about a week I couldn't even see the little forehead wrinkles anymore!!! But alas...I ended up having a reaction and had to stop. I didn't return this specific bottle - it's the smaller travel size version and I felt I used too much of it to return...but I did buy a backup during the Sephora sale because I thought it was working so well and ended up returning the backup. 

Hampton Sun Baby Mineral Sunscreen SPF45 - Gave me the most horrible white cast ever and was super sticky. Was going to keep and only use for pool/beach, but after 2 days of testing this out it ended up irritating my skin. 


Armani Maestro Fusion Blush in 500 - Review HERE. Returned because it's too high maintenance for my lazy bum. 


YSL Matt & Radiant Pressed Powder - Emphasized dry patches and I didn't see any radiance, only the matte part. 

Guerlain Les Bois De Rose - UGH another one I was so bummed about, but no matter what I did it either looked like I got punched or it looked horribly muddy :-(

Sephora Cream Lip Stains - I only tried one color, but it was so horribly dry and emphasized every lip line I had and even ones I didn't know I had. Didn't bother trying the other colors. 


NARS duo in All About Eve - I'd read a ton of great reviews on this little duo, and I was really looking forward to it replacing 2 of my favorite little My Lids But Better Sephora shadows (thought it would be easier to carry this little palette than 2 separate pots). But, like the NARSissist palette, I simply didn't care for the formula. 

This is probably the biggest Return To Sender post I've done, and somewhat feel I need a disclaimer??? So here goes...

It may not seem like it merely from this post, but I actually do read and watch a ton of reviews before buying a product. However, 2 things contribute to all the returns...

1. I MUCH prefer shopping online rather than too many bad experiences have left me with a bad I depend on the great return policies of places like Nordstrom and Sephora to balance the fact that I don't always swatch things in person before buying. That said, there is plenty I end up giving away because I've purchased items from places that don't accept returns or I feel like it's been too long to return (and I feel bad). BUT because of great return policies, I end up trying a lot more product than I would otherwise and have discovered some really fantastic products because I felt comfortable taking the chance. 

2. I have highly reactive skin. And though I have a pretty solid list of ingredients that irritate my skin, that list seems to keep growing and I don't know how every formula out there will work. Plus some ingredients are ok depending on the formula and/or how low they are on said list. Not necessarily an exact science! 

And that's that!!! Have you returned anything lately...or maybe are you thinking about returning something??



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