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Brush Purging: Not So Easy To Do!

I've spent the last couple of years working on my makeup brush collection, and at this point I think I have a pretty good range of choices. I have a number of favorites (YAY!!), and have slowly been learning what my preferences are.  In the process I've had some duds (ok maybe not duds, just ones I don't like for as much!), and as such have been itching to do a little weeding out of brushes I never use. Because, you know, I use my brushes like my makeup and tend to reach for the same ones over and over! 

I thought this task would be easy...guess again...

Me: You're too scratchy.

Brush: But you could use me for comparison posts because I am the de rigueur for brush comparisons!

Me: Ok, fine. You can stay.

Me to next 2 brush victims: I keep thinking I'll find a mineral/powder foundation I love, but that still hasn't happened so you need to find a new home.

Brushes: You're being silly. We're soft and finely crafted by uber stilled Japanese artisans and everyone wants us and we're just not leaving. 

Me: Uh, ok. 

Me to some eyeshadow brushes: You guys are way too floppy and soft for my unskilled ways, so move it. 

Floppy eyeshadow brushes: Seriously? You can't break up with us!! You'll regret it later. Trust. 

Me: FINE!!

Me: 0

Brushes: 3

This is so not helping!!! LOL!! Originally I meant this post to show off my triumphant brush purging abilities, but it has actually turned into a cry for help. Because I keep finding reasons that justify keeping all the brushes. I mean, they don't take up much space...right? And what if I suddenly decide to try to become a pro makeup artist...I'll need brushes, yes? Ok, so maybe becoming a makeup artist isn't really what I want to do, but brushes are investments and you shouldn't just haphazardly get rid of an investment!??!!

Soooooo...I ask you...have you had any success purging brushes?? How did you do it? What were your requirements for specifically getting rid of a brush? Please, share with me your Jedi ruthless ways because I'm having a hard time letting go :-)


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