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La Mer Lip Balm, Revisited

I reviewed La Mer The Lip Balm back in June (HERE). Overall I wasn't super impressed, especially for the price. To sum it up, I liked a lot of things about it - staying power, minty flavor, hydration, great base for other lippies - but felt it lacked the soothing and comforting qualities of other balms I do love.

Since then, I've been on an on/off mission to empty this container…you know…to get my money's worth LOL!! Here's where I am now... 

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That's pan, baby!!! 

Despite the excitement of finally hitting pan, I still felt like this was a chore to use. So why the heck are we revisiting this thing???!!

A few weeks ago, my lips started feeling like the Sahara x 100000000 - dry dry dry, flakey and absolutely nothing seemed to make them any better. My trusty lip balm stash didn't work, nor did my oils or even shea butter. I have a couple of other balms on hand, but didn't want to break them out because they hadn't been photographed yet.

La Mer balm hadn't been used in awhile so I decided to try it. Within 2 days my poor lips were back to their healthy softness!! Say What?!! Yep. I take it back. This stuff is good. It's really, really good because it heals!!! How many lip balms can say that? I'm pretty excited to have resurrected something I thought was kind of a dud :-)


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