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Bronzer Bunny and I have been talking about how we can edit our stashes. I purge on a semi regular basis, but still have a hard time letting certain items go. Personally I'd like to have items in my stash that I love, because life is too short to keep things that are merely ok!! 

We came up with some ideas to edit/purge, but our favorite one was this: choose a few items that you don't love or haven't used in awhile, use each item for a few days or longer to see what you think, if you love it then keep it, if you don't love it then toss it or give it away. That's how #LoveItorTossIt was born! 

Check Bronzer Bunny's Love It or Toss It post HERE :-) 

I posted this picture on Instagram before the weekend... 


DiorShow Maximizer

By Terry Mascara Terrybly

By Terry eyeshadow

So what made the cut??? None! LOL!! 

DiorShow Maximizer - This no doubt made my lashes longer and gave them lots of volume, a difficult feat given my wimpy, short and straight Asian lashes. However, once I applied mascara over this primer my eyelashes were left crunchy and not even remotely natural looking. Tossed. 

By Terry Mascara Terrybly - This was actually a really nice mascara, and the reason for it getting tossed is by no fault of the mascara itself. Confused yet? Here's the thing...I've finally realized that no mascara (except for tubing mascaras) will hold against my eye cream. Eventually they all smudge and/or flake. Of course I could wear a lighter eye cream, but then my eyes would be left dry and not comfortable at all and I'm not willing to do that. Such is my dilemma. Most days I don't wear mascara anyway, and to be completely honest I don't think it makes that much of a difference to my total eye look - remember I have Asian monolid eyes, and because my lashes are short you can barely see them. I think I've kind of given up on finding the perfect mascara for now. Tossed. 

BUT BUT BUT!!! As I stated before this is a really nice mascara and one that's definitely worth checking out if you are in the market for a luxury. It has held up remarkably well against my heavily moisturized eyes, so for normally moisturized eyes I'd imagine it would hold up like the Great Wall. It also makes my lashes fuller, makes my lashes longer and even better it leaves me looking like I was born with those beautiful lashes (even after 2 coats!). This mascara also claims to activate lash growth, which I cannot speak to but is worth noting.  

By Terry eyeshadow - This formula is really nice...smooth, silky and a joy to apply! The color however...not so much. When I first started using this I liked it enough, but now it just seems to do nothing for me. I don't know what changed, but now the color seems to get lost on my eyes and I can barely tell anything has been applied. Beautiful formula, but the color doesn't work for me. This will be given away or put in a future blog sale. 

Hopefully Bronzer Bunny and I will continue this as a regular series!! Do you have anything you need to purge?? Join us in our efforts and tag it with #LoveItorTossIt (or #loveitortossit - doesn't matter) if you like!!  


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