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The Hit List

So there's my Back Burner Blast series, where I write mini reviews of things I've been sitting on for way too long. Now I'd like to go the opposite direction and bring you a new series where I do mini reviews of products that I've been loving recently. Welcome to the Inaugural edition of The Hit List, where I will show you the newer things I'm most excited about!!

**No press samples. All items were purchased by me. All shopping links are non-affiliate links.** 

* Beauty Protector, Protect & Detangle -  $21.95/8oz @ Birchbox

This is probably one of the best hair products I've found in awhile, even better than the LUSH Sea Spray (which I love as well!). It's a spray on product that's a heat & UV protectant, leave in conditioner, detangler, minimizes frizz and adds shine. It leaves my hair amazingly soft and it smells so darn good!! My Husband can hardly get enough of it too :-)  I've stopped using any hair masks because it's that crazy good, and I can absolutely tell a difference (for the worse!) when I don't use it. One note: you don't need much, and there's a fine line to overdoing it - too much and my hair feels a bit bogged down. 

* Circ Cell Dew - $55/4oz @, ,

I can already see that this will be in my Favorites list for the year end of 2013, as it has made such a huge difference already. I use a lot of products that have improved my skin, but visually this is the best it has looked in a really long time. My face looks radiant, and has a brightness and clarity to it I haven't seen since using Rice Bran Oil (review here). My skin feels soothed and this seems to help keep my hormonal spots to a bare minimum. I thought my skin was pretty well hydrated before - My skin feels so comfortable and happy now that I am able to layer much less moisturizer over my face oil.  Plus, I very rarely feel dehydrated unless I've been flying for an extended period.  Circ Cell Dew is that little extra something I've been looking for, and am so excited to have found!! 

*****Edited to add: Julie's comment below made me realize I probably made this sound much more hydrating than it is. I didn't mean that it would replace your moisturizer or anything like that - unless perhaps you are really oily? It's more hydrating than you would think, given its water-like consistency...but I only meant that it has upped my skin's moisture levels so I don't need as much moisturizer and hardly ever feel dehydrated anymore. In this sense it acts like a serum, which is actually in the description below :-)  *****  

From the Circ Cell site:  

Dew is a skin-refining pH perfector and finishing serum that balances the skin's mantle while providing rich, dewy hydration. Whether used as pH primer or final step, Dew delivers on its name. Lactic acid helps balance the skin's pH, while ten amino acids provide hydration. Camphor attacks bio-elements that cause breakouts and witchhazel helps pores contract and close. Canadian willow herb keeps skin calm and even. Dew can also be used to improve the appearance of crepey, sagging skin on the arms and body.

Here's a good article on why it's important for your skin to be pH balanced:  click HERE

Couple of notes. This does leave my skin only slightly sticky, but it's not uncomfortable and goes away as soon as anything is layered over it. Also, the application rec is to use gauze to apply. You can follow the instructions, or if you'd like to go against the tide, you can try this...I put a small amount into my hand, clasp my other hand over it (just enough to get product on both hands) and then gently pat and press into my skin. This has the consistency of water, and I feel too much would be wasted if I tried to use gauze or cotton. The instructions call for 2-3 pumps of product - my application uses 1 pump for my face, neck and chest...and less than 1 pump for my face and neck. Oh, and in the picture I only put it in the small container so you could see the consistency and the color (it didn't show when I put it in my hand). 

* Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil Light - $14/.5oz & $48/1.7oz @ Sephora ,

I saw this as a sample on Sephora and was very intrigued. It's a lightweight version of argan oil that's somehow broken down so it's not as heavy as regular Argan. See picture for ingredient list. 

This feels a bit different than most oils I've tried - it goes on so smoothly that I'm almost not sure I've applied an oil in the first place (I always spritz with filtered water before applying any oil). I only need 2-3 drops for my entire face and neck, which is less than 1/2 of other oils I've tried. Even though this is pricey, you need so little of it that it should last quite awhile. And you can't find this anywhere else like Garden of Wisdom - I've looked! LOL!! If you are an Argan oil lover but find it a bit to heavy to use all the time, you might check this out. 

* Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF20 - $19.50/1oz @ Sephora , Nordstrom, Laura Mercier counters

I'm way late to the party with this one! But since acquiring a sample from a GWP, I've been really enjoying it! The coverage is light, but what I really love is that I am able to skip a step - I can apply this instead of using foundation over my regular moisturizer. Ok, I know that's not breakthrough, but this is the first tinted moisturizer I've tried ha ha!! For days I'm in a big hurry, this plus a little concealer gets me by :-)

* Bite Beauty Line & Define Lip Primer - $22/.13oz @ Sephora 

Remember My Week in Lips post? I didn't get through all those lipsticks without a little help (ok a lot of help) from the Bite Beauty liner/primer!! Light minty scent and taste - check! Provides light cushion to help your lipstick glide on with ease - check! Provides super light moisture to keep your lips from drying out - check! Fills in the little lines on your lips so lipstick looks fresh throughout the day - check! Easy twist up design with no sharpener needed - check! This has kind of changed my lipstick life, and I've actually been enjoying wearing lipstick - before it always seemed like a chore. Now I'm on the hunt for new colors!! 

As far as using this as a liner, there has been only 1 lipstick so far that it didn't work on, and that was MAC's lipstick called Lustering. But I think that's because that particular one seems to be a more emollient formula, and upon reflection I don't feel I need the primer with it - do need a liner though because it seems to bleed awfully quickly for some reason. With the balmy and very emollient lipsticks I don't need a primer anyway, so it's quite alright. We'll see what the next couple of weeks and more lippies bring...

Anything on your Hit List you'd like to share?!! 


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