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Reviews: Passion Fruit Seed Oil and Cherry Kernel Oil

I saw Tarte's Maracuja Oil as a 100 pt perk on the Sephora site and clicked on the link to see what the hub-bub was all about. Here's what the Sephora description said:

This undiluted organic and moisturizing maracuja oil quickly absorbs for firmer, brighter, smoother skin. Pure maracuja oil is rich in vitamin C, so skin appears instantly brighter and more radiant, as well as essential fatty acids (EFAs), a requirement for healthy skin cells that the body cannot produce on its own. EFA deficiency can result in the breakdown of essential skin cells which causes skin to appear dry and aged. By supplementing skin with pure maracuja oil, you are infusing life back into dull skin and replenishing EFAs to rapidly rebuild and repair. This potent antiaging elixir that has anti-inflammatory benefits promotes active skin recovery and delivers maximum hydration without any greasy or filmy feel.

Sounds pretty good, right??  

Thought it was a little silly to place an order just for this 100pt perk, so I did a Google search to check out some reviews for Maracuja Oil. Turns out, Maracuja Oil and Passion Fruit Seed Oil are one and the same!! I looked on my go-to site for oils, Garden of Wisdom, and found they had Passion Fruit Seed Oil in a 1 oz size for only $5.25. Tarte's 1.7 oz version retails for $46. Um...I'll take the $5 version please! Plus I've been wanting to try Cherry Kernel Oil for awhile, so I also picked up a 1 oz bottle of that for $4.35 - along with a few other things I needed :-) 


Passion Fruit Seed Oil, $5.25/1 oz @ Garden of Wisdom (larger sizes available). May also be purchased from From Nature With Love. Also check your local Whole Foods or natural food stores.

Cherry Kernel Oil, $4.35/1 oz @ Garden of Wisdom (larger sizes available). May also be purchased from From Nature With Love. Also check your local Whole Foods or natural food stores.

If you decide to try these oils, please be sure to get it from a retailer that sells 100% pure, cold pressed the ingredient list to make sure you aren't purchasing an oil mixture. Unless of course that's what you want :-)


Both oils are so lightweight pale yellow in color that they appear colorless on the skin. But from descriptions from other sites they can both vary in color a bit. They have a very faint fruity oil smell - Cherry Kernel Oil is a tad stronger - but it dissipates quickly & within a few seconds I don't notice it. 

Both are fairly lightweight oils and don't feel heavy on the skin. They spread very well and sink in quickly - though keep in mind, prior to application I do mist with filtered water...this helps trap additional moisture and also greatly helps oils spread more smoothly!  Passion Fruit Seed Oil has no greasy feel, but Cherry Kernal Oil feels heavier once it is doesn't feel heavy, just heavier compared to Passion Fruit Seed Oil if that makes sense? 

What do I think of Passion Fruit Seed Oil??? I LOVE IT. Hands down, the best oil I've tried to date!!! I thought I was in love with Camellia Sinesis Oil (review here) until I tried this. It keeps my skin very soft and naturally glowy. Amazingly, it absorbs a bit better and more quickly than Camellia Sinesis, and has a silky quality to it that makes it feel really good going on. In the end my skin feels soothed, pampered and looks bright!! 

Passion Fruit Seed Oil is the perfect amount of moisture for my entire face, from my slightly oily nose and chin to my normal areas to my super dry areas. It is moisturizing, but somehow also makes my slightly oily areas less oily. When I fly or am feeling a bit dehydrated from treatments I do layer those dry areas with LUSH's Celestial Moisturizer (review here), but many days I can go without layering. This perfect moisture balance is something I haven't been able to achieve with a single oil. I could do it with a mix of Camellia Sinesis and Kukui Nut Oils (review here), but neither one could perform this feat alone. 

Very importantly, Passion Fruit Seed Oil does not irritate my skin nor clog my pores.  In addition to being high in Vitamin C, it also: rich with vitamin A and potassium to help keep skin healthy. As well as being nourishing, passion fruit seed oil is antibacterial, so is good for use on acne prone skin. As an anti-inflammatory and naturally anti-itch, this oil will help to reduce swelling and irritation of the skin.           - Garden of Wisdom

Passion Fruit Seed Oil has all the best qualities of each oil that I have tried and loved so far, but without having to mix and match. I have a fantastic moisturizer with just one product!!! Not to say I won't find something I love more down the road, but for now and in the immediate future (I have since repurchased) I am one super happy camper :-)

And so you know I don't sing the praises of Passion Fruit Seed Oil lightly, here is a list of 100% strength oils I've tried on my entire face (not just certain areas or simply patch testing) :



Apricot Kernel

Sweet Almond




Rice Bran

Plum Kernel  


Kukui Nut

Camellia Sinesis

Cherry Kernel  

...and these are the oil blends I've tried: 

Caudalie Purifying Concentrate (discontinued)

Sunday Riley Juno Transformative Lipid Serum (review here)

Sponge Ladi Avokanto (review here)

Wait...what about the Cherry Kernel Oil???? In general I found it too emollient and it ended up causing clogs. So if you are dry, and not clog prone this might work for you. I also didn't like that it felt a bit heavier than Passion Fruit Seed oil once it sank also didn't have that silky quality to it. Unfortunately, I cannot say much more than this. I was only able to use it a few times before it became cloggy. 

So I didn't like Cherry Kernel Oil for my face, but it has been really wonderful when added to my CeraVe Cream and used for the rest of my body!! It punches up the moisture factor and though I haven't tried it, I've got a feeling it would be fantastic as a body oil on its own.  

From Garden of Wisdom: 

Cherry kernel oil helps to protect the skin from harmful radicals, as it is rich in powerful antioxidants. Essential fatty acids nourish the skin, keeping it healthy. Cherry kernel oil conditions the skin, leaving the skin smooth and soft.


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