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Empties: October 2013

These are all the non-sample Empties for October. You can catch up on my sample Empties HERE :-)

***All items were purchased by me. All links are non-affiliate links.***

1. CeraVe Cream - Perennial favorite that I use as hand and body cream and is always on hand. This year I started adding oils to it and there's no looking back…adds an extra level of goodness that I love!! Probably TMI, but I'm gonna share anyway…as I was slathering this on the other night I noticed the stretch marks on my a@@ looked better - less noticeable - is that possible?!!! And is it because of the oils I've been adding??!!! Hmmm...

2. Fresh Seaberry Restorative Body Cream - Uh Oh. I pretty much loved this stuff. I've had it on a mental wish list for ages, and finally put it on a real wish list HERE. It smells SO SO SO good!!!! This is the smallest size Fresh makes, and it lasted for not quite 3 uses as an allover body lotion. It was also rich, sank in well and made my skin really soft. I'll definitely buy the larger size at some point. While I did love this on its own, there's one tiny element that this lacks as opposed to the CeraVe Cream. I feel the CeraVe seals in moisture really well, almost creating a barrier to keep it all in so that my skin stays moisturized and soft for longer than 24 hours. When I do purchase this again, I might do an experiment and mix a bit of CeraVe with it - could just be a match made in beauty Heaven!!! 

3. Zoya Remove + - This is probably one of the most effective polish removers I've tried. It removes polish more quickly than the Deborah Lippmann. I've already purchased a larger size.

4. Anastasia Brown Enhancing Serum Advanced - Did absolutely nothing for my brows to help them grow, and I think I gave it a fair shot by using the entire container before rendering a decision. Will not repurchase.

5. Aveda Color Conserve Strengthening Treatment - I purchased this because I was looking for a hair mask that smelled nice and this is what my hair lady recommended. Even though it's for color treated hair, she said that didn't make a difference really. It did smell good - that typical Aveda smell, which I enjoy. But it felt like it weighed my hair down. Will not be repurchasing.

6. Sephora Mono Eyeshadow in Peach Beige - Sephora has revamped their shadows and this now goes by a different name, Romantic Comedy #44. I went to reorder and kind of freaked out thinking they had gotten rid of the product…then I realized they had renamed them. They also changed the packaging so it's not as bulky and you have a wider view of the shadow through the clear plastic.

I think this is my 2nd one that I've 'finished' this year. I say 'finished' because I know it's not genuinely empty…but just like many blushes…once I get close to this point I feel it takes more work to get the product onto my brush and I get really annoyed. Plus sometimes I feel the texture changes a bit and it's not as soft as it originally was. I've been wearing this color for at least a couple of years now. It's my go to my-lids-but-better shade!!! 

7. ExfoliKate - Review HERE. Think I have one more backup tube to use up. Though I love it, I don't think I'll repurchase for awhile. I've found other exfoliators that seem to be just as effective and don't feel as sting-y while on my face. 

8. Shiseido Benefiance Pure Retinol Instant Treatment Eye Mask - Review HERE. LOVE!!! And I have purchased another box. 

Close up of the Sephora shadow to see how well loved this shade is!! 

Yay for Empties!!!! How are your empties going???


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