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Gummy's List

Awhile ago I was tagged by the lovely and Frondtastic Chic Science to do a Wish List. She has a wonderfully fun and informative blog and you can find it HERE!! You can also find her on Twitter @chicscienceblog.

I do wish lists in my head and on Pinterest all the time, so why not do one here?!! I present Gummy's List...where all your wildest dreams come true...ok, maybe not LOL :-)

Gummy's List I

You'll notice an absence of makeup-y things. My makeup coffers have been heavily filled as of late, and there's not much for the present that I'm really itching to get...that is until the Holiday collections start rolling out and even them I'm mainly looking at Burberry and Tom Ford. I think. LOL!!! Anyhow, thought I would show you a few things besides makeup that are on my list :-)

1.  Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts - These are bath salts that are meant to balance your energy flow and help you sleep. Lily Pebbles featured them in one of her videos and I pinned them right away...she made them sound amazing and mentioned how they had helped her Dad sleep too. Figured worst case it would make for a really nice bath ha ha :-)

 2.  Therapie Restore Aura Spray - This is one of those feel good sprays you are supposed to use when you are feeling stressed or just need a pick me to help get you through the day...figured it would pair beautifully with the Detox Salts! 

 3.  Fresh Seaberry Restorative Body Cream - I sampled this at the Fresh counter and it felt really, really nice. It's just hard for me to splurge so much on a body cream when I know my CeraVe + oils work so darn well. 

 4.  Remedie Wrinkle Therapy Eye Baume - You know me and eye creams. 

 5.  Suqqu Lip Essence Cream - You know me and lip balms! Ha ha :-)

 6.  Scotch and Soda Home Alone Sweater - I love a good hoodie and this one looks so cozy and cute and I can imagine wearing it with my jeans and boots on a misty Fall day.

 7.  Nordstrom Stripe Cashmere Scarf - Stripey and soft, what else do you need?

 8.  Tory Burch Jess Flat - I had to chuck all of my flats except for one pair because I had worn them to death. I recently picked up a 2nd pair at Nordstrom Rack, but would like a few more for some variety. I like the gold hardware, and that these aren't quite leopard.

 9.  Jemma Wynne Diamond and Rose Gold Bangle - So thin and delicate and feminine :-)

10.  Tory Burch Dragonfly Pendant Necklace - I don't have a ton of necklaces, but this one really caught my eye.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


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