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Review: Sponge Krema Imeras

Sponge Skincare Krema Imeras, $65/1.7oz @, Barneys (they sell Sponge, but for some reason this product is not listed on the website at this time, though I've seen it before - maybe they are out of stock?)

No crazy and fantastical claims here! But it's really great to use a moisturizer that does what it says, instead of wondering if it really does all the 500 things stated on the box. 

I find this moisturizer to be amazingly hydrating, so much so that I don't need a serum or anything layered underneath it for my super dry patches (miracle for me!). I also use this on my oily areas, but with a very slight hand by gently patting what's left over after applying it to the rest of my face. After a couple of weeks this becomes slightly cloggy, but a few days off and I'm good as new. 

This isn't even the slightest bit greasy, and leaves my skin with a natural matte finish. Krema Imeras also leaves my skin soft! And while I cannot immediately see the benefits of the antioxidants, I do love knowing they are there :-)

This comes in a heavy glass bottle, with a pump dispenser. 

Krema Imeras isn't too heavy, but it most certainly does not have a lotion consistency. 

I think oily skinned people out there will want to leave this one alone, but otherwise I'd definitely recommend this if you are in the market for a new, no frills moisturizer. Especially if you are someone that uses different serums, masks and other treatments sometimes it's nice to give your skin a breather and use something simpler. If you use too many actives on your skin all at once, sometimes those actives can either counteract each other or make your skin go haywire.  

Sponge Skincare Krema Imeras ingredients:


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