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Target Goodies

I was recently in Portland, Oregon and found myself zombie walking to the Target across the street. I call it zombie walking because you see Target, you go in...absolutely no reason's like you are on autopilot!! I usually try to go downtown to Pioneer Square for the shopping, food carts and Voodoo Donuts, but couldn't imagine fighting my way through the Labor Day weekend crowds. Of course I went in with nothing particular in mind, and ended up with a number of things (not including the fruit, gum and hand-wipes)! 

* Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion - I've seen a few fellow Flight Attendants with this lotion and they swear by it for their hands. I meandered into the travel size section...saw it...finally decided to pick up a small tube. It felt light yet moisturizing enough, and not greasy. But...EW. I didn't like the smell. And if you've read my blog lately you'll know how much I can like or dislike a product just because of the scent. I'll either be returning this or pawning it off on a friend :-)

* Up & Up Medium Shadow Brush - I had an older version of this before but it accidentally was tossed when I bought a new brush set from Sephora. That was at the beginning of this year and I've been missing it ever since! I don't wear much eye makeup, but for what I do wear, this brush is perfect for me. It's inexpensive, soft, picks up plenty of product, doesn't shed and is just the right shape for my needs. This new version has an updated handle that's pretty spiffy, too - shiny, black and sleek.

* Neosporin Lip Health, Daily Hydration Therapy SPF20 - I periodically see this product mentioned in magazines or in an ad. I've used it a few times and it feels very moisturizing, though it's not super long lasting. Despite its white shade, it doesn't pale my lips merely mutes my natural color. I wish the applicator was a little wider because I end up having to spread the product with my finger because the tip is so skinny - defeats the purpose of having a tube instead of a pot! 

Oh, and yes I'm 37 and totally addicted to white hoodies!! I wear them all year round and can't seem to help myself. Sigh. Ha ha!!

So while in Target I thought I might find a couple of replacement white hoodies but the color white was nowhere to be found. I saw a solid grey one and thought'll do. I got back to my room to put it on and low and wasn't solid. It had "Live free & love" on the back...oh, and don't forget the little heart! Not my style but it's a funny story to anyone who might know me, so perhaps I'll keep it to wear around the house when I'm feeling silly and need to smile :-)


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