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Sephora: Mascara Goodies


* Make Up For Ever  Sens' Eyes, waterproof makeup remover for sensitive eyes, $10

* Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara, $19.50

* Anastasia Lash Genius, $21

I have those really stubborn, straight, Asian lashes. Plus I have oily lids and wear heavy eye cream because my under eyes get so dry during the day. All of it is the perfect recipe for mascara disaster!! And disaster it has been. The only mascara that has been strong enough to hold against all of that is the Blinc Kiss Me tubing mascara. I don't wear it that often, because I don't like the way you have to take it off - hold a cloth or heavy duty cotton under very warm water, hold it against your lashes, then gently rock back it back and forth until all the little tubes slide off. It's a pain. Then I have to be really careful not to get any of the tubes in my eye. Then I have to be careful to get them all off! 

I also don't wear the Kiss Me often because I don't feel it does anything amazing for my lashes other than define them a bit. And it is just a little bit. It does so little I might as well not wear anything. 

Enter Anastasia Lash Genius! It's a waterproofer you apply over your regular mascara to make it stay put. I first heard about it from a YouTube video by Kokolaroo (


). She's also Asian (so is at least dealing with part of what I'm dealing with! Ha!) and couldn't rave about it enough. I had to try it! 

The Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara was recommended by a Sephora Associate after I told her my woes. I've not tried any Clinique mascaras yet, so who knows it might work! Plus I figured I needed something to experiment the Lash Genius with. 

I didn't know if my Koh Gen Doh would remove the Lash Genius, so I purchased a small bottle of waterproof eye makeup remover. 

Have you tried either the Clinique or Anastasia Lash Genius? Or do you have any other recommendations? The last mascara I tested before getting the Clinique is the

Korres Volcanic Minerals Volumizing Mascara

. I actually loved what it did for my lashes but it smudged after about two hours, so maybe I'll get it again and try it with the Lash Genius. Here's a peek at what the brushes are like...


Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara


Anastasia Lash Genius


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