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I'm a lady in her 40's who loves her beauty products! No makeup makeup is my game & pretty packaging gets me every time, though I'm willing to forgive that with skincare (but only if the product is effective!). 

I'm a Stewardess who prefers quiet spaces and places, but I could talk all beauty all the time! Please enjoy your visit!

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Hello, Again

Whew, It's been awhile! Ok, that's an understatement! 

But let's not dwell...onto the fun stuff!!'s cold outside! Yep...Winter is officially here and I'm loving all the boot socks. I finally took the plunge and bought my first pair at Nordstrom Rack, along with some mighty fine Via Spiga boots. My husband (*eep* yes, husband...I got married in the time I was away! More on that later) calls them my Resident Evil kick ass boots because they remind him of the type of outfits Milla Jovovich has worn in the Resident Evil movies. Ha! I wish I was that cool! Here are my new boots and boot socks:


...Milla Jovovich...


And as much as I have sometimes detested and bashed jeggings, admittedly I now would love to have a pair. I really enjoy wearing leggings with just about anything these days and my skinny jeans are too bulky at the bottom to wear with some outfits, especially when I want to wear boots. Here is the Madewell contender for now, mainly because I saw it in a if you have any other suggestions please let me know! 


Instead of an Item of the Day, I want to finish with a video!! I don't know if you have seen any of the Spring 2012 fashion shows, so here is one of my favorites...Carolina Herrera...


Nacho Mama's Cookie Cutter

Out Of The Office...