Gummy Who?


Am I crazy to put this kind of pic on an About Me page?!!! Probably. BUT in my defense, this is actually how I look on my days off from the donut factory. Not actually a donut factory...but you know when someone asks how your day is going at work, and the good ol' standby response is, ha ha just makin' the donuts!! That's what I mean :-)  If you'd like to read more about this particular picture, check out THIS post. 

Anyway to be honest, I don't think I look all that different with makeup on (in other words, I'm a no makeup makeup expert!!), despite my best efforts, and despite the fact that it takes at least 15 minutes to apply...and that's if I'm doing the bare minimum! Mainly I wanted to share that I'm just a regular lady who loves her beauty products, whether I actually wear them all the time, hoard them, got sucked into a GWP or got lost in the Land of the Lemmings (aka fell victim to hype)...

I mainly focus on high end, luxury and niche beauty products, with the occasional dabble in other things. When it comes to makeup, pretty packaging gets me every time! I love skincare that comes in nice packaging too, though I'm willing to give on that if the product is effective. 

Most days I'd rather be on a beach or taking a nap, but instead I'm claiming beauty junkie status and sidelining as a Stewardess. I prefer quiet to spaces to clutter. I really think Doritos should be considered a food group, and will never tire of the amazing music of Pink Martini. 

I started Gummy Vision in February of 2010, but only randomly posted…sometimes I'd go months without a single entry! That was back when I had no particular focus and was exploring the idea of having a blog in the first place. Slowly during 2012, I realized I wanted to concentrate on beauty with a sprinkling of other things here and there. 

Hope you enjoy your visit! 

xoxo Gummy


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